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Jeremy Kirk & Ashley Kirk collaborate to form The KIRKWOOD Connection. This partnership has formed to take real estate service to the next level. Through extensive research, the Kirk's have uncovered the secrets of Buyers and Sellers and what they want from their real estate professional. KIRKWOOD intends to deliver.


There are 6 pillars to their business model:


1. Be advisors to clients with clear and frequent communication throughout their real estate experience.

2. Current marketing, media, and home preparation to sell homes quickly and for top dollar.

3. Provide clients access to intuitive technology to unite the perfect home with the perfect buyer.

4. Surrounded by expert industry professionals in order to refer the best team to buyers and sellers.

5. Trust, Honesty, and Reputation are the paramount descriptors of KIRKWOOD’S business.

6. The last but possibly most important pillar is Giving Back to the Community.


Jeremy Kirk received a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University in Marketing & Communications and his wisdom brings experience to the table.


The KIRKWOOD Connection is excited about the future and is open for new clients!


Thinking about Buying or Selling? Call The KIRKWOOD Connection, your real estate professionals, for all of your real estate needs. 

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